Obama's Iowa Silver Lining

In an earlier post, I noted that Barack Obama trails Hillary Clinton both nationally and in New Hampshire, despite earlier expectations that he might catch her by the end of summer. The Obama campaign can take some solace, however, in this week's Newsweek poll (scroll down past those Republican results with Romney still in the lead) that shows Obama leading both Clinton and John Edwards in Iowa.

For those who believe in the critical importance of early state momentum, an Obama win in Iowa would shuffle the candidate deck in a hurry.  Throw in a second place finish for John Edwards (he has been leading in Iowa for most of the past year), and Hillary Clinton would no longer look like the inevitable Democratic nominee.


Posted On: 01-07-2008 12:04:55 by Fuad Jezzeny
I am out of the country on some consulting business(spent past two years in Mid East), yet I am totally in-touch with everything going on in the USA. When Hillary Clinton says "I'm offering 35 years experience of making change...", why has absolutely no one asked her what in God's name she is talking about regarding these so-called 35 years experience... She is obviously referring to the years her husband was in political life in Arkansas & Washington, but why does she insist that this is also "her" experience? Barack Obama for the first time in my lifetime (I am 65 years old), offers real change since Corporate America took over Washington, and even before. Lastly, please get the word out there that its only because their (Corporate America)canditate looks to be beatable, did they call this emergency meeting in Oklahoma (Boren et al)in order to implement the independent candidate Mr. Blumberg. This is got them (Corp. Amer.)very concerned to say the least...wake-up America!

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