Down in Front!
If the past 48 hours are any indication, we may have a sudden outbreak of frontrunner posturing on our hands. Spurred on by a pair of polls casting new light on issues of candidate viability in the general election, candidates in both parties have redoubled their efforts to characterize themselves as offering the best November 2008 match-up against the other side’s nominee.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows for the first time that a majority of Democratic voters are comfortable with the idea of Hillary Clinton as their nominee. Similarly, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll suggests that Republican voters are warming to the idea of a Rudy Giuliani candidacy.
As I noted in an earlier post, general election viability is a critical component of any successful run through the presidential selection process. While voters want a candidate who faithfully represents their own issue positions, they also like to pick a winner. It is precisely this sort of political calculation that helped John Kerry slip past Howard Dean, once ballots were actually cast in 2004. So, it was no surprise yesterday to see Mitt Romney spar aggressively with Giuliani over which Republican candidate would best match up against Clinton, and certainly a sign of frontrunner battles to come.

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