That's Debatable
As I prepare to watch today’s Republican presidential debate on economic issues (4 PM on CNBC, 9 PM on MSNBC), here are a few random questions on my mind:
  • Should Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney further escalate their recent skirmish over the tax pledge, line item veto, and fiscal policy records in their respective states?
  • Does Ron Paul’s five million dollar fundraising quarter buy him any new respect from his colleagues on stage?
  • Can Fred Thompson venture beyond a general restatement of Ronald Reagan's economic philosophy to offer any policy specifics from his own campaign platform?
  • Must John McCain be asked for the umpteenth time about why he opposed President Bush’s original tax cut, but now supports making the tax cuts permanent?
  • Will Mike Huckabee, coming off of a respectable third place showing in the most recent Des Moines Register Iowa caucus poll, take any heat for his fiscal policy record as governor of Arkansas? Huckabee has been stalked relentlessly on this issue.

 I will post my reaction to the debate on Wednesday morning.

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