Gore, Once More?
A veteran reporter asked me this morning about what a Nobel Peace Prize might mean for a potential Al Gore presidential run. You may have noticed much speculation on this issue recently, even here in New Hampshire. Substantial fundraising and organizational constraints aside, I see three fundamental issues that make a late Gore bid less than likely:
First, polling has shown repeatedly that Democratic primary voters are quite happy with the candidate choices currently available to them, so there is no disaffected Democratic constituency to naturally coalesce around a Gore candidacy.
Second, there is no discernable issue vacuum in the collective policy platforms of the Democratic candidates that Gore could rush in to fill. While he is still out in-front on climate change, his policy positions on global warming and related environmental issues are no longer the oddity that they once were among presidential candidates.
Third, Gore has built a highly visible and remarkably sturdy international platform for himself, and I am not so sure that he would still be willing to make the sort of political compromises required of any presidential candidate.  But that is a very personal question that only he can answer.

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