Whoa Nellie!
I listened to Hillary Clinton’s impressive, hour-long interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange yesterday, and what I heard was the sound of her general election cart speeding past its presidential primaries horse. 
The tenor of Clinton’s assessment of her own potential for presidential leadership, and her positions on a range of issues, including Iraq, healthcare, and Michigan’s Democratic primary ballot, neatly underscored Clinton’s newfound comfort with her frontrunner status.
Her campaign must know the danger of eschewing intra-party dialogue in the primaries for a candidacy tailored to the more centrist and incremental preferences of the general electorate. Clinton’s decision to increasingly highlight her ability to work within the current political system, rather than to change it, may not resonate with Democratic primary voters eager for a more substantial recasting of our national politics.
So, in the coming weeks, perhaps Clinton’s staff will help her get that cart back behind its horse.

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