Republicans Look for the Orlando Magic
It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about the Republican presidential debate in Dearborn, Michigan. Well, actually it was ten days ago, but time flies when you are watching the leading candidates brawl for the title of “true conservative.”  The Republican candidates, now without Sam Brownback, gathered in Orlando, Florida yesterday to continue mixing it up.  Direct attacks among the leading candidates were interspersed with occasional pauses to pummel Hillary Clinton, in absentia.
Regardless of whether this is really the debate that American voters want the Republican candidates to have, it is the one they seem intent on having now, despite the potential pitfalls for November 2008.  Mike Huckabee attempted to remain above the fray, but one still wonders whether this strategy, combined with the good press he has received recently, will help him edge up in the polls a few notches.

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