Catch My Drift?
The Concord Monitor runs an interesting piece today on the extent to which Governor Bill Richardson’s position on the Iraq War has shifted dramatically to the left. In recent months, Richardson has been a vocal proponent of immediate withdrawal from Iraq, but here is what he had to say on the subject in his 2005 memoir, Between Worlds:
"We must see this mission through...We mustn't stay in Iraq past the point where the new government asks us to leave, but neither can we unilaterally pull out before the Iraqis have achieved control over their own internal security. We owe them the opportunity to make their democracy work."
Is this a case of one typically moderate DLC’er trying to outflank another on the left for electoral gain, or does it represent a natural evolution of Richardson’s thinking on Iraq?  Dante Scala (in the article) gives Richardson the benefit of the doubt. I am inclined to believe that Richardson’s view on the war has evolved in response to events on the ground, but that it is also not likely lost on his campaign that this recent strong opposition on Iraq has bought Richardson some much needed traction with Democratic primary voters, especially as Hillary Clinton drifts back to the center on the war.

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