What About John Sununu?
Today’s Concord Monitor covers Senator Judd Gregg’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The article correctly notes that this is not a surprising endorsement, especially when viewed in light of Gregg’s close relationship with Romney advisor, Tom Rath.
What does strike me as interesting, however, is the little tidbit in the article mentioning that Senator John Sununu will not be endorsing any Republican presidential candidate in the primaries. It reminds me of the difficult reelection contest that Sununu will face in 2008, against his likely opponent, former Governor Jeanne Shaheen.
With all of the Republican candidates (except Ron Paul) largely supportive of President Bush’s troop surge policy, and given the general unpopularity of the Iraq War in New Hampshire, Sununu likely wants to avoid having a close association with one of these candidates pin him down on the issues in November. It sure would be interesting to know, however, who would be his first pick.

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