Strange Bedfellows
I have been thinking about the recent spate of Republican candidate endorsements by religious conservatives, and wondering what a fragmented evangelical voting bloc might mean for the party’s field of candidates. With three prominent religious conservatives endorsing three different Republican candidates within 48 hours, evangelicals are no longer waiting for an ideologically attuned “white knight” to emerge as the party’s standard-bearer. Fred Thompson’s recent comments on abortion and gay marriage may have officially brought this waiting period to a close.
So, we may be looking at a Republican primary field in which candidates will continue to compete for the conservative Christian vote right up until the balloting begins, with no one candidate benefiting disproportionately from the support of this influential group of voters.
Today’s curious Pat Roberston endorsement of Rudy Giuliani brings some religious fervor to the Giuliani campaign, but may not actually be all that far-fetched, in light of Giuliani’s own zealous rhetoric on the War on Terror.


Posted On: 11-08-2007 15:01:36 by jay welsh
I'm surprised...well, maybe not too surprised...that hizzoner chose to associate himself with a man who said God had told him...personally...that millions of Americans would die this year as a result of an enemy attack on the homeland, and that our coasts would suffer a series of major storms and floods, all in retribution for our evil and licentious ways. This association might be of some help to Rudy in the primaries, but suggest it would be of negative value in the general. jbw

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