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In a previous post, I criticized John Edwards for openly telegraphing his willingness to raise taxes, in order to fund an ambitious array of domestic initiatives. My point was that Edwards’ position would set him up for a firestorm of Republican criticism, were he to become the Democratic nominee. Edwards would run the risk of being tarred as a “tax-and-spend” liberal, much in the same way that Walter Mondale was in 1984.
Not surprisingly, the issue of Edwards and fiscal responsibility continues to be a concern for some New Hampshire voters, as evidenced by comments (scroll down for article) that he received at a recent event in Rochester. This time, however, voter concerns over budget deficits were met by Edwards with general language about using his domestic initiatives to grow the economy out of debt, rather than more talk about taxes. So, perhaps Edwards has decided to modulate his tax rhetoric a bit.  But, as his Q&A this morning on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange suggested, the issue of fiscal responsibility is one with which Edwards will continue to struggle.

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