Saw This One Coming
It appears that Democrats are not the only ones who view Bill Clinton as a potent weapon on the campaign trail. Republican candidate Fred Thompson has a new mailer out in Iowa that compares frontrunner Mike Huckabee to President Clinton on taxes. If you haven’t seen the actual item on the web, it’s worth viewing here, if only to see what a brilliant piece of negative advertising looks like.
Conservative groups have dogged Huckabee on the tax issue from the moment he entered the presidential race, and his recent elevation to first tier status will only serve to intensify the criticism. Given Huckabee’s smooth southern folksiness on the stump, comparisons to that other famous man from Hope were inevitable, and the Thompson campaign seems to have a knack for clever attack ads.
This should also serve as a reminder to Democrats that, although President Clinton is viewed as an unalloyed asset to the Clinton campaign in the primaries, the general election will likely be a much more complex scenario (just ask Al Gore), with the former president serving as a mobilizing force for both supporters and opponents. The Thompson campaign has just provided voters with a little preview.

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