The McCain Boomlet
By some accounts, John McCain is fully back in the political mix. Amidst rising poll numbers in New Hampshire, sufficient to rattle Republican frontrunner, Mitt Romney, McCain is now redoubling his campaign efforts in both Iowa and South Carolina. If strong showings in those two states bookend another New Hampshire victory for McCain, then his candidacy will likely receive the sort of frontrunner’s attention that it has not enjoyed since the early months of the 2008 campaign.
How might McCain reposition himself for the next few weeks of presidential caucuses and primaries? If one looks at the perceived weaknesses of the frontrunners in both political parties, a two-pronged strategy begins to suggest itself. McCain might challenge Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee on foreign policy experience, while simultaneously returning to the issue of authenticity for Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Mitt Romney. Taken alone, neither of these arguments breaks any new rhetorical ground. But combine them with the presidential race’s current fluidity and his own biography, and McCain may find himself with a newly receptive audience, among both moderates and conservatives, as he makes his case for electability.

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