Bounce Baby Bounce
I wrote recently that conditions in the Democratic contest were such that a strong showing in Iowa might allow either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to run the table through New Hampshire and South Carolina. Well, we will now get to see if that is indeed the case for Barack Obama.
New Hampshire’s undeclared voters, motivated by concerns over the Iraq War and spiraling healthcare costs, have long expressed an interest in participating in the Democratic primary this year. Obama’s victory last night in Iowa, coming with a healthy dose of independents, may give them just the push they need to jump in with both feet.
It is also true that a resurgent John McCain will draw from this pool of undeclared voters, but he is perhaps even more likely now to garner support from Republicans who no longer see Mitt Romney as the most viable alternative to Mike Huckabee. In any event, we will soon see whether New Hampshire’s fabled undeclared voters can bounce both Obama and McCain across their respective finish lines.

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