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I will be a guest on Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont this evening, from 7 to 9 p.m. Bruce is an old-school radio legend from Chicago, so I look forward to doing his show, when it hits New Hampshire every four years. You can listen to the show live on XM Radio channel 130 (POTUS ’08), or you can find the closest terrestrial radio outlet here.
Also, if you missed yesterday’s Primary Primer on New Hampshire Public Radio, you can listen to the show here.


Posted On: 01-07-2008 14:18:42 by Another Dean in IL
Hello Dean, I listened to the 1/5/08 "Primary Primer" program and enjoyed it greatly. I am following the campaign, particularly the Democratic side, but do not have the time to become expert on the candidates' stances on all the issues. In the "Primary Primer", a caller, Rona, asked about the candidates' stances related to fixing the broken, inefficient health care system. In your response you mentioned that some of the Democratic candidates do talk about this but only buried down as the 5th or 6th blank and you did not mention any one candidate as unique on this issue. As I mentioned, I don't have the time to become expert on all the candidates' stances but I have been struck by the fact that Obama does emphasize the cost control aspect. I have heard him stress that any solution without the strategy to lower costs in the current system does not lower the burden but simply shifts the burden. This has stood out to me as a differentiated message versus Clinton and Edwards. It seems to me to represent a much more realistic view of the healthcare crisis versus Clinton and Edwards who seem to only voice the populous notion of covering everyone without tackling the tough issue of cost containment. Do you believe this diffentiated stance exists between Obama, Clinton and Edwards or have I simply not heard Clinton and Edwards talk about cost control solutions? Thanks, Dean

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