It's Showtime for The Mayor
It is no secret that political observers and the media have largely given Rudy Giuliani a pass for his unwillingness to compete in virtually any of the primaries and caucuses preceding the Florida Primary, on January 29th.  This is partially due to the lead Giuliani held in national polls for most of 2007, but also to the fact that no one really knows for sure what the impact of our remarkably frontloaded schedule will be on the nominee selection process. The Giuliani campaign has often claimed that a win in Florida, and a strong showing in many of the states holding contests on February 5th, are all that it needs to launch the Mayor on his way to the nomination. While this strategy has received plenty of skepticism, no one (including myself) has been willing to say, in advance of Florida, that Giuliani is done for sure.
So, if you need a reason to watch tonight’s Republican presidential debate (MSNBC, 9 p.m.), proximity to Giuliani’s day of reckoning should be sufficient motivation. With the Mayor trailing both John McCain and Mitt Romney in the state, the stage is set for an event that may rival Monday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina.

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