Is the Idea of Momentum Gaining Momentum?
In the wake of Barack Obama’s sweep of yesterday’s contests in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, the question of whether candidate momentum has returned to the presidential selection process is more relevant than ever. Obama’s total now stands at eight unanswered victories, since the February 5th contests. The Clinton campaign should be concerned that Obama’s ability to cut into several of Hillary Clinton’s core electoral constituencies yesterday is an indication that momentum effects are finally at work in the Democratic race.
As one pollster noted, Obama “obliterated” the class divide that had typically separated their respective bases of support in previous contests. While several reporters at Politico suggest that Obama is indeed gaining some momentum, Clinton’s communication director, Howard Wolfson, continues to dismiss the idea, telling The Washington Post, “Momentum is a media narrative, not something voters consider.” As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we will soon know whether Wolfson is correct in that assumption.

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