Think "Huckabee" for Your Next Corporate Event
I’ve been asked on several occasions recently about why Mike Huckabee has yet to drop out of the Republican race. He has no chance of catching John McCain in the delegate count, and, as Huckabee himself notes, McCain is not likely to pick him as the vice presidential nominee. While he would certainly help McCain with Southern Evangelical support, fiscal conservatives have long been unhappy with Huckabee’s brand of economic populism.
So, why is Huckabee still in the race? Well, there may be a more practical explanation. When asked about this recently, Huckabee told a reporter, only somewhat in jest, “I have nothing else to do.” Since leaving office, the former governor has made a living primarily through writing and personal appearances. If a strong run in the presidential primaries helps Huckabee establish himself as a leading social conservative voice in the party, then he has essentially generated a lot more future business for himself.
It has been well-documented that both Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani have generated millions of dollars in income from personal appearance fees. That Huckabee is taking a break from his presidential campaign to deliver a paid speech in the Cayman Islands this weekend certainly feeds into this economic narrative. It is easy to forget that Huckabee is the only presidential candidate who is not currently an elected official, independently wealthy, or both. And, like many other Americans, he still has a mortgage to pay.

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