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If you are not rendered catatonic from watching hours of cable news coverage this evening, you can catch me talking politics tomorrow morning on New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange. I will be participating in a wrap-up of tonight’s election results, and in some informed speculation about the future of both parties’ nomination contests. You can listen to the show live on the web at 9 a.m., here (lower left), or later at your leisure, here.


Posted On: 03-05-2008 11:17:55 by Merry Jaine
How supercilious of you to argue that Clinton doesn't receive any press criticism, and use as an example, that she got away with saying she wasn't going to drop out of the race - or whatever you were arguing! For starters, her supporters don't want her to drop out! We know how sexist this race is! The press and the pundits seem to "get" racism, but don't quite "get" sexism! Obama's fan club, the national press and pundits - you, were nationally ridiculed on SNL because it is pretty obvious to any one not falling all over themselves pandering to the Obama campaign, that Obama does not receive any scrutiny from the press!!! What are you and the other so-called journalists or pundits or whatever you call yourselves, afraid of? Or are you really so caught up in falling all over yourselves with "Obama" that you just can't see beyond the smoke and mirrors?? Obama's campaign IS a fairy tale ... he's the Emperor in the "Emperor's New Clothes" ... the guy doesn't have any clothes on ... he has been a state senator, not a U.S. Senator, not a U.S. Rep, but a state senator from, whoa, Illinois for 7 of the past 9 years ... and a U.S.Senator for only two years, one year of which he has been trying to find a new job, and so busy trying to become president that by his own admissions he is too busy to vote or hold hearings in his current job. But who cares? And who cares that Obama has never been asked what exactly a state senator from Illinois based his decision on to oppose the Iraq War?? I mean, who exactly briefed this state senator on foreign affairs? Where'd he get his info that he should oppose the war?? CNN? NYTimes? Maybe NHPR? Maybe he was divinely inspired ... that's a little scary! Maybe his wife??? His kids? Senator Clinton and the rest of the senators based their decision on intelligence reports, Administration, CIA and Defense briefings ... and had to make the tough decision and the tough vote ... All Obama had to do was talk!! And more talk! And then when he was asked to give a speech (talk again!) at the 2004 Democratic Convention he tabled his opposition to go along with the Party Platform, and now he has a U.S. Senate record on Iraq that mirrors Sen. Clinton's ... when, that is, he actually decides to vote and has time to do such because he is so busy ... talking! (And they stereotype woman as the "talkers"!!) I will not vote for Obama if he is the party's nomination! I will not vote for Obama as a pretense to protect "democracy" in this country from being taken over by the republican losers. In my opinion, there is no democracy in a country, in which 50% of its population, women, has never, for over 200 years, been represented in the White House, by either a President or Vice President! Oh, I forgot, we are only women! Signed by - A Clinton supporter, not because she is a woman, because I am!

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