Not So Strange Bedfellows?
Today, I came across one of those interesting juxtapositions that occasionally jump out at me on the web. Over at Politico, Jonathan Martin has a piece on John McCain’s need for better mastery of economic policy on the campaign trail, given that the economy will likely rival Iraq as the issue of most concern to voters in November.  And, The Weekly Standard recently posted an article by Fred Barnes suggesting that, among those who might be included on John McCain’s shortlist for vice president, Mitt Romney may actually be his best option.
I will say that Romney was never more comfortable and animated on the stump (or in debates) than when talking about economic matters. So, perhaps there are some legitimate grounds for a pairing, despite their less than chummy relationship in the past.  Posting at The Atlantic, Marc Ambinder thinks probably not. You can read more vice presidential speculation here.

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