Shrum Gets the Last Word
It really feels like the latest Hillary Clinton should drop out now cycle has come to a close. Hopefully Bob Shrum’s op-ed piece in today’s New York Times will be the last full-length treatment of the issue that we’ll have to read for at least the next month or so. Shrum covers all of the familiar arguments for why Senator Clinton should remain in the race and ends by echoing the newly emerging conventional wisdom among journalists, political elites, and other observers that the Democratic nomination battle will likely be resolved by the end of the official primary schedule in early June, and well, heck, it’s already April, anyway.
After all of the hand-wringing over a frontloaded schedule, it is nice to see a consensus finally emerging that the process should be allowed to run its course, largely as it was originally designed to do decades ago. The goal back then was to bring voters into the presidential selection process by democratizing and decentralizing the power to pick a nominee, through a system of state primaries and caucuses. The schedule would provide a true test of a candidate's political skill, organizational ability, and personal fortitude, thereby producing a better nominee for the general election. It seems to me that the process is working as intended.

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