Hope Springs Eternal
Over at TheAtlantic.com, Marc Ambinder caught my attention with a report on a new website being launched by an ex-Clinton staffer that promotes a petition calling for a Democratic unity ticket with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The site seems to suggest that Clinton would be at the top of the ticket. You may also recall Mario Cuomo’s recent op-ed piece in the Boston Globe, in which he makes a similar plea for unity, as a means of averting what he sees as a looming Democratic disaster in November. Unfortunately, Cuomo does not answer the magic question of who should be at the top of the ticket, nor does he suggest which criteria should be used for determining the appropriate ordering of the two candidates. I would have enjoyed reading more from him on these two very thorny issues.
Anyway, I thought that the unity ticket boomlet had subsided, but perhaps not. If you missed my post from a few weeks ago on why the unity ticket (or dream team ticket, as it's often called) is a bad idea, you can read it here.

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