All Wright Already!
The amount of media coverage on Barack Obama and Rev. Wright in the past few days has been absolutely mind-boggling, so I am hesitant to add to the flood of commentary that is already out there. But I will say briefly that anything Obama can do to bring this story arc to a close will help his campaign, and he seemed to finally realize as much in his rebuke of Wright yesterday. While Obama’s denunciation risks engendering hard feelings among some in the African-American community, the entire episode had become a dangerous distraction to his candidacy at a rather fragile moment in his campaign.
I have written in previous posts that Obama’s association with Rev. Wright would be an issue in the general election.  I still think this is likely, even if yesterday's developments cause the controversy to recede a bit over the summer months.  Republicans will wonder why it has taken Obama 20 years to reach a point where he finds himself breaking with Wright, and they will question whether he is simply doing so as an opportunistic politician in the middle of a closely-contested presidential race. Even so, the more heat that Obama can dissipate now, the less likely he is to get burned by a flare-up of the controversy in the general election.
Update:  I am pleased to note that I came up with the title of this post several hours before it was also used for a segment on MSNBC's Countdown this evening.


Posted On: 05-03-2008 17:12:29 by Getahun Leta
Hillary Clinton Moves On at Supersonic Speed 1. Hillary is unfairly treated in this election process Every time Hillary passes the high standard set for her in this campaign, the frenzy media sets another standard. The media predicted that her campaign will be over if she doesn’t win in Ohio. She won the Ohio and Texas Primaries. Again the media predicted that Hillary will quit if she doesn’t win the Pennsylvania primary. She won it by 10 percent despite the limited resource available to her. As usual, the media is now predicting that Hillary’s campaign will be over unless she wins both in Indiana and North Carolina. Why the media is setting standards for her? I think the media has lost perspective and objectivity. Hillary continuously disproved the predictions of the media and she will do it again because she knows what is best for the American people. 2. Women’s struggle for high office in America The struggle of women for high office has being going on for a long time. In the United States, dissatisfied with resistance by the men of the major parties to woman suffrage, for the first time, a group of women formed the Equal Rights Party in 1884. Belva Lockwood agreed to be its candidate even though most women did not yet have the right to vote. At that time, Belva Lockwood said, “I cannot vote but I can be voted for.” The women’s right to vote was recognized by the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. All along, starting from the American Declaration of Independence from England, only men were elected to the presidency, although women account for more than 50 percent of the population. Throughout the United States Presidential Campaigns, the presidency remained as ‘male club’ and even today it appears that this ‘glass-ceiling’ is unbreakable. For example, when considering the votes for Hillary Clinton during the primaries, she received less support from men than women. If the male voters supported Hillary as women did, her current problem could have been avoided. Some Democratic Party operatives and super delegates appear to promote the politics of division which is causing more damages and destruction. Some of them change sides because they appear to lack vision and morality. Super delegates can support a candidate of their choice, but when they change side, they are not expected to express a highly inflammatory politics that encourage fragmentation of the party just to support an individual. Former State and NDP Chairman Joe Andrew and Governor Bill Richardson can be cited as an example. It is deplorable to say that “voting for Hillary is voting for McCain.” Bill Richardson’s statement that Hillary is claiming the right to ‘dynasty’ is out of the bound of American politics past, current or future presidential politics. America was ruled by the King of England before Independence. Bill Richardson’s assertion of political dynasty puts us back to pre 1776 America. Dynasty is not included in American politics. 3. The nature and complexity of the Presidential Campaign It is understandable that, over the years the nature and character of politics has gone through unprecedented change. The political contour of campaigning for president reflects different hills and valleys; some hills and valleys are found to be obscuring the truth that the voters are entitled to know. Different camps are entrenched in attacking posture just for political expediency. Hillary Clinton has received a lot of attacks and the one sided media has eagerly promoted these attacks. There have also been false accusations against her and quite often her genuine concern for the American people has negatively been interpreted to support other political opportunists. 4. The danger of mixing the issues of religion and politics Politics and religion have different realms and should be dealt with separately. I hear media report that most Catholics voted for one candidate and African-American ministers gather to voice support for Obama. I don’t think that it is the right of any religion to impact politics either negatively or positively. Let us keep religion out of politics. 5. Passion for change Everybody wants change that brings about positive results. Change in which direction? Left, right or center? Change can also bring something that we haven’t desired for. Just we believed in a change doesn’t mean that it will be real. We need a president that has the vision and experience to turn the economy around, fix health care problems, restore American leadership abroad, halt American job from exporting, create a diplomatic solution environment for the Middle East politics and responsibly withdraw American soldiers from Iraq I believe that Hillary Clinton is that person. She has an all round experience, the toughest woman to take on Senator Mc Cain next November. Obama has given us a lot of speech that he is ready to change America and the world. I ‘m not sure about the magnitude and implication of his election manifesto for change. His claim that he has a better judgment than other candidates for the presidency has been shattered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright recent comment. This is really a political ‘tsunami.’ for Obama. The chronology of events in the relationship between Obama and his former pastor over nearly 20 years does not demonstrate that there is a good judgment. It is really difficult to take Obama as a person who is above politics and a uniter. His former pastor tried to recite Obama’s election manifesto ‘change’ several times during his public appearance. Is the pastor a surrogate for Obama or is he trying to inform the public that ‘the change we can believe in’ was blessed by him before the commencement of the campaign? Only Rev. Jeremiah Wright can tell us. 6. Hillary needs our support Let’s support Hillary Clinton for President. It is widely anticipated that she will win both Indiana and North Carolina primaries on May 6, 2008. Her horse will pass through Denver and will not stop before reaching the White House on January 20, 2009. Now America is at cross road and needs an experienced leader. There are a number of international issues that concern America. For example, China’s economy is growing, Russia is flexing her muscle, and terrorism is not yet defeated, American economy is weak, the military is stretched and there is a need for revitalization. America can’t have a strong army without the support of strong economy. We should hire Hillary for this job. Hillary is the toughest candidate to take on Senator McCain in November. Let’s stand behind Hillary and give her our votes so that she fights for us! Let’s us support Hillary’s supersonic speed to deliver results for the American people! Getahun Leta

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