Better Late Than Never?
In yesterday’s post, I concluded that Barack Obama will have to deal with the Rev. Wright controversy in the general election, even if the intensity of the current flare-up dissipates over the next few months. In particular, he will have to contend with the question of why it has taken him 20 years to finally break with the Reverend. Writing in today’s Washington Post, David Broder takes an initial stab at answering this question, and Obama, himself, seems to grapple with it in an interview with the Today Show’s Meredith Vieira. It seems to me that if this critical question is left to linger, Republican opponents will use it to stoke the controversy again this fall. So, the sooner Obama paints a plausible backstory for this two-decade period, the better his chances of not getting sidetracked yet again as the Democratic nominee.

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