The Loyal Opposition
One of the main arguments made by those pressing for an early end to the nomination battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is that the intra-party nastiness between the two candidates has unintentionally provided Republicans with a wealth of negative talking points for use against the Democratic nominee in the general election. I have already noted that I do not find this argument sufficiently persuasive to convince me that the full primary schedule should be truncated, and that is still the case.
I have based my skepticism of this argument on the idea that regardless of what happens in the Democratic contest, the McCain campaign and Republican Party are fully capable of conducting their own opposition research, with a thoroughness that would likely uncover all or most of these trouble spots for the general election anyway. Sure enough, we now learn that the Republican National Committee already possesses extensive opposition research dossiers on both Clinton and Obama. And, I am sure that the Democratic National Committee’s file on McCain is just as thick.

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