When the Web Stops Buzzing
In the days after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, I have been amazed by the speed with which the blogosphere has moved beyond the Democratic nomination contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in order to focus almost exclusively on the likely general election match-up between Obama and John McCain. As a test, I went hunting this morning for some of the traditional web buzz that has characterized the hard-fought battle between Clinton and Obama over the past 18 months, and I must say that I found precious little on which to chew. A piece over at Politico suggests that a large margin of victory for Clinton in Kentucky tonight may bolster her case for electability among the remaining undeclared superdelegates, but my sense is that in reality it just won’t have much of an impact on the outcome of the nomination fight at this point.
The political narrative most likely to be written after the Oregon and Kentucky primaries today will be the one about whether Obama’s speech in Iowa this evening comes sufficiently close to claiming the nomination, so as to ruffle the Clinton campaign’s collective feathers, thereby complicating recent efforts at a détente between the two camps. Along these lines, Dan Balz’s piece in today’s Washington Post provides a useful look at how this delicate end game is playing out, as Obama prepares to claim the nomination in the days following the final primary contests in early June.

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