The Need to Concede
While I expected Hillary Clinton’s non-concession speech on Tuesday night to raise some hackles over at the Obama campaign, I was a bit surprised by the backlash-quality reaction it received from Democratic officials yesterday, including some of Clinton’s staunchest allies. In virtually all corners of the party, political elites expressed (with unexpected forcefulness) an urgent need for Clinton to bow out of the nomination race immediately, so that the process of unification behind Barack Obama could begin.
One need only consider the surprising rebukes delivered to Clinton by two of her strongest supporters, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (on bargaining with the nominee) and New York Congressman Charlie Rangel (on the need for more time to concede), to know that the attempt to draw out Clinton’s endgame on Tuesday night was a tactical miscalculation by her campaign. Whether this will further sour the climate for a potential vice-presidential bid remains to be seen. It may largely depend on what Clinton delivers with her do-over rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

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