What a Difference a Day Makes
While surfing the Sunday morning talk shows, I came across Howard Wolfson on Face the Nation, just one day after Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. I knew the 2008 presidential primary season was truly over, when I heard Wolfson utter words that I never thought I would hear him say:
I'm very optimistic actually about our chances in the fall. I think Barack Obama ran an amazing race. He energized enormous numbers of Americans to come out and vote…We need a fundamental change, a fundamental break, and I think Barack Obama offers that and I think the American people are going to respond very affirmatively to that.
As Clinton’s communications director, Wolfson was point man for a multitude of withering attacks on the Obama campaign over the past 16 months. If anyone doubted the ability of political professionals to pivot on a dime to support their party’s nominee, the combination of Clinton’s well-received speech and Wolfson’s kind words over the weekend should give Democrats at least some hope of a unified party for the general election, although there is of course no guarantee that rank-and-file voters will follow the cues of these political elites.

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