For Kucinich, Life is Impeachy
In case you are wondering what former Democratic presidential candidate and current Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich is up to these days, you might be interested to learn that he recently introduced 35 articles of impeachment (five hours worth) against President Bush over his handling of the Iraq War. Other than former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel, Kucinich was really the only Democratic candidate during the primaries with a stomach for talking about impeachment out on the campaign stump. In fact, you may recall that he unsuccessfully attempted to move similar articles against Dick Cheney last year.
Not surprisingly, political observers do not expect the current articles against Bush to move forward, either. Given the Obama campaign’s ostensible focus on cultivating a post-partisan majority in Washington, D.C., the last thing it wants is the hyper-partisanship that would accompany an impeachment battle, and the Democratic leadership in Congress seems keenly aware of this. Perhaps Kucinich’s five-hour reading of the articles into the Congressional Record on Monday will serve as a symbolic victory for those of his campaign supporters who encouraged him to do just that last winter, but you should still expect to see President Bush at the White House until early 2009.

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