Prime Time Huckabee
When I read earlier today that former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be joining Fox News as a regular political commentator, I was reminded of an item I posted back in February speculating on Huckabee’s motivation for staying in the Republican race, even as party elites called for him to end his campaign and endorse John McCain. At the time, the most obvious explanation was that Huckabee knew he had no chance of winning the nomination, but nonetheless hoped to build a national platform from which to maintain his visibility as a leading social conservative within the party, while perhaps biding his time for a second presidential run in 2012, should McCain lose this fall.
If those were indeed his goals, then Huckabee seems to be off to a pretty good start. Between the Fox News gig and his newly established Huck PAC, the former Arkansas governor is now well-positioned to participate in the national political dialogue that will dominate the remainder of 2008. His recent comments in New Hampshire urging fellow Republicans to reject an electoral strategy of demonizing Barack Obama suggest that Huckabee may turn out to be one of the political voices capable of cutting through the ideological din that will characterize much of the political discourse over the next five months, provided his often refreshing sense of humor doesn’t get the best of him first.

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