McCain Knows the Drill
If you had read yesterday’s post, and then asked me to come up with one policy area where John McCain has not cleaved to conservative orthodoxy as a means of unifying his party’s base, I would have mentioned the environment. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw a news clip last night of McCain reversing his position from the 2000 election, by calling for an end to the ban on offshore drilling.
Republicans in Congress have been quite vocal recently about the need to boost domestic oil and gas production in the face of voter outrage over the high cost of energy. The McCain campaign no doubt sees lifting the ban as a means of responding to this concern, while also rallying Congressional Republicans more firmly behind McCain’s candidacy. While political observers will debate whether this move helps or hurts McCain in places like Florida, voters will find that it also serves to reinforce the conflicting partisan worldviews with which they are already so familiar.

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