Waiting for Bill Clinton
While Hillary Clinton now seems firmly committed to the idea of campaigning for Barack Obama, we are still waiting to see what role Bill Clinton will play in the general election. The precise nature of his involvement may depend on whether Senator Clinton is offered the vice presidential slot on the Democratic ticket, but the brief statement of support recently issued by President Clinton’s spokesman was sufficiently vague to keep political observers guessing. With the question still hanging out there, Senator Clinton felt compelled today to further underscore her husband’s willingness to work for Obama’s election.
While some reporting suggests that the two men have a few issues to settle before President Clinton gets fully onboard, my guess is that he will eventually warm to the idea. It would be hard for President Clinton to pass up an opportunity to get back out on the campaign trail, and the distinct partisan differences between Obama and John McCain on the issues would make his freewheeling oratorical style a bit less perilous for both him and the nominee than it was in the primaries. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the former president use an encore on the stump as an opportunity to spin his past conflicts with the Obama campaign as largely a media creation, and to smooth over some of the internal party friction he helped generate during the primaries. Those two moves in combination would be the surest sign that President Clinton has finally joined the elect Obama enterprise.

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