The Clinton Complication
Earlier today, President Clinton announced that he was ready and willing to campaign for Barack Obama. This proffer of support comes only days after Obama privately (or so he thought) told a potential donor that the former president posed a complication for Hillary Clinton’s chances of joining the Democratic ticket. While the operatic relationship between Bill Clinton and Obama continues to be a fascinating one to watch, I would be surprised to see President Clinton do any campaigning with Obama before the Democratic convention, and certainly not before the vice presidential pick is announced. 
Oddly enough, if Hillary Clinton does not receive the vice presidential nod, there may be added pressure from within the party for President Clinton to get out on the stump with Obama, in order to underscore his support for the nominee. But given the former president’s famous temper, he may need some time for the dust to settle first. Clinton has been a wild card throughout this election cycle, and my guess is that political observers and the media will continue to scrutinize his statements and actions with a closeness typically reserved for the nominee.

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