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Last week, I posted an item suggesting that the Obama campaign should not be lulled into thinking the relative absence of dream ticket chatter in recent weeks means that all is well with former Hillary Clinton supporters. My sense is that conditions may be ripening for a bit of a backlash among hardcore Clinton activists, should Barack Obama announce (as appears likely) someone other than Clinton as his running mate shortly before the convention in late August.
Along these lines, an article posted on Politico over the weekend provides some useful follow-up to my initial post. Clinton activists interviewed for the piece are upset that the Obama campaign does not appear to be offering Senator Clinton the right of first refusal for the vice presidential nomination, given her strong performance in the primaries. Not surprisingly, these supporters also say that the selection of some other female candidate would show particular disrespect for Clinton’s leadership role among women in the party.
Obama does not appear to be leaning in that direction at the moment, and I am not suggesting here that his only option is to instead choose Clinton as his running mate. But I do think his campaign needs a more proactive approach to dealing with this potentially volatile political situation than we have seen from it thus far.

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