Surrogate Surprise
Surrogates are often dispatched by presidential campaigns to do the sort of political dirty work that does not look good coming from the candidate, himself. While not all surrogates engage in slash-and-burn negative attacks against the opponent, rare is the occasion when a surrogate will say anything even remotely positive about the opposing candidate, no matter how hard he or she is pressed by the media or general public. So, given the relentless drumbeat of negativity currently reverberating between the McCain and Obama campaigns, I was pleasantly surprised to hear McCain surrogate Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty actually offer some kind words for Barack Obama earlier today.
I have written previously about Pawlenty, in the context of his position high on John McCain’s vice presidential short-list, and he appears to still be under serious consideration for the number two spot. In my earlier post, I noted that Pawlenty seemed a bit soft-spoken and passive for a potential running mate, given that the vice presidential nominee typically plays a critical attack role in the general election campaign. But if the race continues down its current negative path, voters may actually find a politician who can acknowledge the humanity of the other side to be a breath of fresh air.

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