The Other New Hampshire Primary
You can catch me this Sunday as a guest on WMUR-TV’s Close Up (10 a.m., Ch. 9). I will be participating in a roundtable wrap-up of Tuesday’s state primaries, and a look at the general election campaign to come.


Posted On: 09-14-2008 10:32:09 by Chaz Proulx
Dean This is Chaz Proulx and I've got a friendly bone to pick with you. First some background. I'm a grass root activist, NH INSIDER and Huff-Po blogger, candidate for Senate in District 17 and one of the original supporters of Carol Shea-Porter. In January of 06 I wrote a NH INSIDER article predicting that Carol Shea-Porter would have a good shot at unseating Jeb Bradley. I based my prediction on my understanding of net root and grass root politics. At that time neither the press, nor the NHDP had a way to measure the strength of NH Netroots organizations. But that was then and this is now. Each week I watch Close Up and each week I see some reason to doubt whether the guests (Other than James Pindell, who I speak with regularly) invest any time at all toward understand grassroot politics in NH. I may be wrong but my impression is that you and Jennifer O'Donnel in particular show no curiosity at all. A case in point is your observation today that Carol Shea-Porter "Claims" to still have grassroot support. I respect you as a journalist and know that you know the difference between a claim and a fact. But your statement is misleading. It would take very little effort to establish exactly how strong Carol Shea-Porter's grass root organization really is. I invite you and Jennifer to take the time to speak with me or any number of NH activists who know Carols organization. On the flip side I would point out that Jeb Bradley has never had a grassroot organization that's willing to do the hard in-the-trenches work that wins elections. My cell number is 231-7562. Gaffs like this were forgivable two years ago when Carol Shea-Porter launched her campaign. At that time the press and even the NHDP had no way to measure the influence of a committed grassroot and netroot organization. But this year, the failure to A case in point is your comment today that Carol Shea-Porter

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