Murphy Name-Checks Concord
Late last week, I put up a post arguing that New Hampshire may actually be turning more solidly blue in practice than is suggested by its current reputation in the media as a swing state. I based this conclusion on the observation that we are not seeing the same kind of movement toward the McCain-Palin ticket here post-Republican convention that we are seeing in recent polling in a number of other key battleground states.
Along these same lines, earlier today a reader directed me to a post at’s Swampland blog, written by Mike Murphy, former senior strategist for the McCain campaign, in which he discusses a possible scenario where the margin of victory for Obama in November turns out to be New Hampshire’s four electoral votes. Murphy also notes the obvious irony (as did I) that this would represent for McCain, given the central role New Hampshire has played in his rise to national prominence over the past 10 years. But the race is still close here, and I am sure both campaigns would agree that come November 4th, New Hampshire will be right in the thick of the battle over the electoral map.

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