Veep Wow
News reports make it sound like some sort of framework for the financial bailout will be reached later today in Washington, in which case John McCain would likely show up for tomorrow night’s first presidential debate in Mississippi. But I had to smile last night, when I read the McCain campaign’s suggestion that the debate be postponed until October 2nd, which happens to be the current date for the only scheduled vice presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. That debate would in turn be rescheduled for some later undetermined date.
Given the pitched battle currently being fought between the McCain campaign and the media over access to Governor Palin, I can’t imagine a quicker way to set off a new media firestorm than by pushing her debate debut back any further. Given his penchant for dramatic gestures, if McCain really wants to wow political observers and the press corps, he should ask the Commission on Presidential Debates for an even swap. Palin and Biden would debate tomorrow night at the University of Mississippi, and then he and Barack Obama would follow on October 2nd at Washington University in St. Louis.

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