No News is Good News?
You may have already seen video of the latest curiosity emerging from Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin. In the clip, Palin either can’t or won’t name any of the newspapers and magazines she reads on a daily basis. Some Democrats have suggested this non-response is an indication that Palin lacks any intellectual curiosity about the world. They are quick to draw parallels with President Bush’s now legendary comment to Fox News anchor Brit Hume that he doesn’t read newspapers, but instead gets his news from top White House aides.
Tomorrow night’s debate will give us a better gauge of Palin’s intellectual curiosity. But I think something else is also at work here. My guess is that Palin reads Time or Newsweek on occasion, especially when she is on the cover, and she may even read the New York Times and other similar sources, as well. But to admit any of this would have undercut the McCain campaign’s ongoing war with the media, which includes regularly bashing these kinds of news outlets for their liberal bias. This very thought may have crossed Palin mind at that moment and triggered the odd response to Couric’s question.

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