An Anniversary Thank You
Today marks the first anniversary of I can honestly say that the past year has been a blur of candidates, campaigns and analysis. To get an idea of how much things have changed in 12 months, you can read my very first piece of posted analysis here.
Also, I am pleased to report that September saw a new monthly record for visitors to the website, as more and more of you find a place for me in your regular rotation of web-based reading. For that you have my sincere thanks.
Given the heavy presidential election focus of my analysis, some of you have asked whether I will continue to post beyond the outcome of this contest. The answer is…of course. We’ll have a new administration to discuss, and, before you know it, midterm elections will be approaching once again. After that, it will be full throttle back into another cycle of presidential primaries for 2012. So, I plan on sticking around here, and I hope you will, too. -Dean

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