Old School
The McCain campaign’s renewed focus on William Ayers has finally given Joe Biden an opportunity to get back into the political fray. You may recall that John McCain did not directly raise the Ayers issue with Barack Obama during Tuesday night’s debate, even though the McCain campaign had already been hitting Obama relentlessly on the association for several days.
Now Joe Biden has issued an old school, say it to his face taunt to John McCain that is getting more attention than anything Biden has said in weeks. When Biden first issued the challenge to McCain at a campaign rally, he even whipped off his jacket for a little extra old school emphasis. You can watch him issue it at a second rally here (jacket already off). With Obama making essentially the same point to Charlie Gibson on Wednesday, you can almost count on McCain responding during next week’s debate, but hopefully there won't be any dueling.  In the meantime, Biden seems thrilled to be back in the mix.


Posted On: 10-10-2008 15:53:32 by Will Rogers
“‬The more you read and observe about politics,‭ ‬the more you’ve got to admit that each party is worse than the other.‭” - Will Rogers

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