We Meet Again
I have written previously that I am typically skeptical of attempts by a candidate to jump-start a struggling campaign by reintroducing himself to the American people. This classic campaign technique may provide the candidate with a temporary psychological boost from clearing the decks and refocusing his energy, but I am not sure it has much positive effect on anyone other than the campaign’s most loyal (and concerned) supporters.
Still, John McCain may not have had many other options left when he gave this time-honored strategy another shot yesterday morning in Norfolk, Virginia. Both McCain and the crowd were clearly energized by the biography-heavy speech, which echoed the stand up and fight theme of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.
If McCain can sustain this renewed focus through his rollout of some new economic proposals today, and turn in a strong debate performance tomorrow, then perhaps the race will tighten once again. But campaign reintroductions don’t really wipe the slate clean; they only temporarily divert voter attention away from what ails a candidate. Unless McCain also deals with these underlying issues, his latest campaign reset may be short-lived.

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