A Thumb on the Scale?
I have noted in previous posts that both the McCain campaign and its supporters believe the mainstream media is in the tank for Barack Obama. An interesting piece posted at Politico.com today addresses this issue of media bias in the presidential campaign. The authors take a look at the website’s own coverage of the race and suggest it is driven more by personalities and process, than by the pursuit of an ideological agenda. They conclude that the prevalence of negative stories about the McCain campaign in this election cycle is really a function of the campaign’s own difficulties, rather than the media’s desire to put a thumb on the scale in favor of Obama and his issue positions.
I don’t know whether Politico’s analysis will mollify critics, but having just read my umpteenth story on the Republican ticket's internal tension between the McCain and Palin camps, I am inclined to believe the authors when they say reporters are drawn more to stories about campaign turmoil and intrigue than to those pushing a particular ideological viewpoint.

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