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Like a lot of other political observers, I plan to watch Barack Obama’s half-hour block of prime-time television this evening, partly out of curiosity to see what the millions spent on this infomercial is buying him. While I don’t think the risk of overexposure is as great as some others have suggested, I am interested to see whether the program provides any new perspective on the candidate, or simply offers a fancy repackaging of what we have already heard from him over the past 20 months.
My guess is the campaign won’t take any big risks so close to Election Day, so I don’t expect Obama to say anything new that could potentially alter the current advantageous political narrative, or weaken his lead in the polls. We will no doubt see lots of imagery designed to cast Obama in a presidential light, and some combination of an affirmative case for his candidacy and a rebuttal of John McCain’s two central arguments against him, that he is too liberal and too inexperienced to lead the country. If Obama can accomplish this in a way that also brings some previously undecided voters over to his side, then it will have been money well spent.

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