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Barack Obama’s historic victory last night will keep political observers buzzing for the foreseeable future. But for all of the excitement New Hampshire has brought to the political landscape in recent primary and general elections, last night’s results were a rather anticlimactic affair for the Granite State. The polls closed at 8 p.m., and all of the statewide races were called for the Democrats within 90 minutes. At the presidential level, we’re talking a matter of seconds, as network anchors called New Hampshire for Obama just as the clock struck 8 p.m.
While Democrats across the state were no doubt surprised and made slightly giddy by the significant margins they enjoyed in all of the major races, I couldn’t help but notice that the victories didn’t have the insurgent feel of those experienced by the party in 2006. Even with Jeanne Shaheen’s big win over Senator John Sununu, there was a sense that given all that has transpired in recent months, the seat was hers for the taking. So, as New Hampshire Democrats settle into their new role as the status quo, and Republicans regroup for another challenge in 2010, political observers are left to speculate on whether the proverbial political pendulum will eventually swing back across New Hampshire once again.

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