An Offer You Can't Refuse
It has been remarkable to watch the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of the presidential race transform itself overnight into wall-to-wall coverage of the incoming Obama Administration. The first casualty of this presidential transition saturation coverage was shaping up to be the issue of whether Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel would accept Barack Obama’s offer of the White House chief of staff position. But Emanuel’s formal acceptance of the position earlier today short-circuited rampant media speculation over whether the Clinton Administration veteran might actually decline Obama’s offer, thereby tripping up the President-Elect in his first major personnel decision.
I posted a couple of items on Emanuel back in the summer, which discussed his tough political persona and future career prospects. At the time, future White House chief of staff was not on the radar (at least not on mine). Much more likely was an eventual run for Speaker of the House, or Obama's Senate seat should the latter win the presidency. The move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is certainly a sharp departure from that career path for Emanuel, but one for which he is well-qualified.

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