Palin's 2012 Overture
It looks like Gov. Sarah Palin finally got the memo from the Republican Governors Association. Her brief, four-question press conference earlier today at the RGA’s annual meeting in Miami was in stark contrast to the procession of network and cable interviews the former Republican vice presidential nominee has done over the past week. Political observers have marveled at Palin’s newfound loquaciousness in recent days, and, in particular, her suggestion in several interviews that a run for the presidency in 2012 is a possibility.
Several other Republican governors appear increasingly concerned that the immediate focus on 2012 could undercut efforts to win a number of gubernatorial seats up for grabs in 2009 and 2010. I caught Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on cable news last night warning that any Republican governor already focusing on the 2012 horse race is making a big mistake. Barbour is best known for his stint as Chairman of the Republican National Committee during the 1994 Republican Revolution, when the party took control of Congress away from the Democrats. I also heard snippets yesterday of a few other high profile Republican governors similarly trying to turn the media focus away from 2012 speculation. The party line now seems to have reached Palin, as well.

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