Joe is Good to Go
After months of speculation, Joe Lieberman escaped any serious retribution at the hands of the Senate Democratic Caucus this morning for his role as a McCain campaign surrogate, and for the months of sharp criticism he leveled at Barack Obama’s candidacy. Some reports suggest Obama actually tipped the balance in Lieberman’s favor, which means the predominant spin out of the caucus will be that the move is in keeping with Obama’s promise to transcend traditional partisan divisiveness.
Even though the vote against punishment wasn’t even close, my guess is the caucus will keep Lieberman on a pretty short leash with respect to any possible freelancing he might do with his Homeland Security chairmanship, particularly if it could cause problems for the Obama Administration. With Lieberman returning to the Democratic fold, the party now sits at 57 caucus members in the Senate (55 Dem + 2 ind), with seats in Alaska, Georgia and Minnesota still to be settled.


Posted On: 11-18-2008 20:03:17 by Jim Splaine
I think your assumptions will prove correct, Dean -- he'll be on a short leash and I expect we'll see him say positive things about Barack Obama from now on. It's refreshing, isn't it, to have a Democratic Party and an incoming Administration that knows about bridge-making, and can put retribution on the back shelf in favor of the public good and getting things accomplished. And I still have a soft heart for Joe Lieberman, who despite his rough points, was one of the very first top elected officials in the nation to come out in favor of equality for gays and lesbians when it was far from somewhat popular. That deserves some appreciation.

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