No Secretary for John Kerry?
Ever since Senator John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton for president a few days after Obama’s second place finish in the New Hampshire Primary, the conventional wisdom has been that an Obama win in November would translate into the Secretary of State gig for Kerry. So, it is a little ironic that Clinton is now the one at the center of speculation over the Cabinet position. In fact, after some initial reports that Kerry was lobbying hard for the job a few weeks ago, he has been largely silent on the whole issue.
If Clinton becomes Secretary of State, would there be some sort of consolation ambassadorship for Kerry? It depends in part on who would get to make the call on those appointments, Secretary Clinton or President Obama. But more likely, Kerry is poised to take over the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee now that its previous chairman, Joe Biden, is the new Vice President-elect. Short of State, this is perhaps the most powerful foreign policy position Kerry could hold, so my guess is he will stay put in the Senate.


Posted On: 11-22-2008 08:35:06 by Jim Splaine
I watch the news fairly carefully and follow the Blogs and political banter, and I for one seldom heard John Kerry mentioned for Secretary of State, nor knew he was "campaigning" for it. Nor have I heard him lusting for some ambassadorship. Political ambition is one thing, but not everyone involved in politics wants to be "more important" or "something higher." Maybe John Kerry just wants to be the best U.S. Senator he can be. Ted Kennedy showed that one can be very succesfful in helping people by doing that -- though he wanted to be and I think would have been a great President. I relate in this way -- I'm quite happy being in the NH House as a Representative, and need no title, chairship, nor be Speaker in order to do my job. In fact, I wouldn't WANT those positions. If others can do those jobs and want to do them, I can do other things. I don't consider myself lacking ambition or being an underachiever, just realizing that I can contribute by not being top honcho. John Kerry does his job, and does it well. Maybe he's a better U.S. Senator than he ever would do as Secretary of State or ambassador -- AND, those titles could still be his future if things fall in place and he wants to do it.

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