Ain't No New News Here
Now that the media no longer has a campaign horse race to feed the 24-hour news cycle, it is instead preoccupied with breaking the news on various Obama Administration appointments. Even with the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, the pace has not slowed at all. One item in particular caught my attention this afternoon. It was the report that two Clinton confidants leaked to the New York Times that Senator Clinton has decided to join the Obama Cabinet as Secretary of State. This initial report was later contradicted by a Clinton spokesman who confirmed talks were progressing, but said no deal had been reached.
So, despite the media’s frantic attempts to move the story forward today, there really isn’t any new news here (cue the old Mellencamp song). We are basically where we were several days ago with this story, although you wouldn’t necessarily come away with that impression from watching the cable news channels. Just moments ago, one of the cable news shows actually reported as breaking news the Chicago Sun-Times report that the talks were “on track.”

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