A Huckabee Spurned?
Presidential candidates expend a lot of energy during the primary season denying that they are in reality auditioning for the number two spot on their party’s ticket. But former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sounds like he really did want to be John McCain’s running mate, despite his earlier protestations to the contrary. Given how the race turned out, one might think Huckabee would be relieved that he can now regroup for another run at the nomination in 2012, without the political taint that inevitably goes along with being part of a losing general election ticket.
While Gov. Sarah Palin’s future viability as a presidential candidate remains to be seen (and I continue to be highly skeptical), Huckabee no doubt recognizes that his brand of economic populism combined with social conservatism overlaps quite substantially with what we heard from Palin during the general election campaign.  So, perhaps what we are now seeing from Huckabee is not so much sour grapes over 2008, but instead a rhetorical elbow or two being thrown toward the Alaskan governor well in advance of 2012.

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